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Splattered Paint


I began my current journey back in 2015 when I picked up my pencils again after a thirty year break and started to revisit my love of art and drawing. I was still running my catering business so this was a hobby to take my mind away from the hectic stressful environment I spent most of my days in.
I am primarily self taught (A level art was the best it got on the qualification route) and continually developing my style.
Through stuff I looked up, online tutorials and various workshops over the years (Ibiza, Germany, the West Country and locally in Surrey) my path seems to have led me down the route of photorealistic drawing. I began with graphite pencils and charcoal, then introduced coloured pencils and pastels.
If you want to find out more about commissioning a drawing or just chat about the idea and the process then please do not hesitate to get in touch but remember there’s never any obligation for you to purchase anything.

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