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What to do next:

You will need to email me some photos, high definition and good quality.

The subject should be the main focus of the photo and not a spec in the distance.

Try to make sure the subject is looking at the camera or in the general direction of the camera.

Photos should not have any effects (ie portrait or filter effects, as these can distort the images).

If there are multiple subjects, I can work from different photos.

Any professionally taken photos will require the permission of the photographer to be used.

Prices do not include mounting or framing.

Portraits - single subjects

18cmx24cm £150

25cmx35cm £280

35cmx50cm £480

50cmx70cm £950

Additional subjects plus £120 per subject.

Standard Royal Mail UK shipping included.

Overseas shipping is an additional cost.

£50 Non refundable deposit on 2 smaller sizes.

£100 Non refundable deposit on 2 larger sizes.

Copyright is retained by Celeste Hayward

Commisions & Prices: Text
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